What Parents Should Know About Kids Soccer

Many parents sign their kids up for soccer because the parents seem to be the nicer of the sports’ parents. Football parents do get a reputation of being rough. Even sports like Dance seem a bit competitive especially with the television show “Dance Moms” being so popular. While it comes down to the team itself, there are some things that you should know about kids soccer before you sign your kids up. Or, some things that you should know are completely normal if your kids are already signed up.

1. You may think the coach is the leader: The parents are.
There may be speeches from the coach about how HE/SHE is the coach and the leader, but at the end of the day, the parents run the show, or think they do.
2. Parents have teams and they play sides
If you’ve ever watched an episode of Big Brother, then you know how people can take sides and then switch sides pretty quickly. The same thing happens with kids soccer parents. One will get mad because their kid was pulled from the game, another will get mad because someone else’s child got more field time. It’s going to happen.
3. If you’re a brand new parent and it’s your kids first game, you are a guest
You might want to walk in loud and proud and show how confident you are. Believe me, we know you are confident. However you are on someone else’s turf. Before causing any issues, just act as though you are a guest. You may or may not be approached by another parent. You could introduce yourself, if you’d like. But remember, no overwhelming rule making. That’s a way to become shunned right off the bat.
4. The goal is to make friends
I felt this was an important one because the last few have really ditched parents. It isn’t that they’re bad. Especially when it comes to kids soccer, they are just very protective. You are too, I think, so you’re all on the same team to protect your children. When you think of it that way, it makes the fact that they seem so strict more understanding. You’re going to make friends with parents, hey, if you’re the organizational type, you might have some team picnics. Remember, your child having fun is the main goal. However making friends with the parents isn’t only good for you, it gives you some legitimate people to look out for your child if you aren’t there.
5. The coach is a coach
The majority of coaches are there because they want to be, not because they are paid to be. Remember that even though parents THINK they are the coach, the coach is the leader. The more he/she is pulled aside and questioned on decisions he’s making, the less time he can coach the kids. Putting your kids in soccer is an exercise in trust for the parent. You have to trust another adult to teach your child and keep your child safe.
Kids soccer is a fantastic way to get your kids involved in a team sport that keeps them active. They’ll also hopefully meet some friends and get a jump start on learning how to effectively communicate and play with other kids. Soccer also teaches children good sportsmanship which is a great thing to get a hand on at an early age. Overall, soccer is a great sport, full of learning capabilities, and an idea sport for the kid who likes kicking the ball with friends, and for parents who enjoy cheering their kids on from the stands.